Viola Gut Strings

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Viola Gut Strings
  • Viola Gut Strings


Viola Gut Strings

We are manufacturer of all types of Violin family instruments like Violin,cello,double bass,Viola etc.
Our Viola Gut strings are all gut strings made through clearly selected sheep intestine material.
we provide strings for all size of Viola

For Exact Length and Diameter of string please contact the manufacturer

For Contact Mob-- +919219725350, +91929045997470

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Bar Code

Auto --- LT193636YRC --- D19930P8YRM -- RP19355P5YRD

Quanch --- LT1978120TLD --- D19430HG56TR -- RP1955RYRD

Duel --- LT195736YRC --- D19441P6YRM -- RP195712YRD

Zebu --- LT2000120YRC --- D19430P72YRM -- RP25553P5YRD

Gold --- LT195636YRC --- D19491P56YRM -- RP195512YRD

King --- LT195636YRC --- D25456P9YRM -- RP178615YRD

Core -- LT197836YRC --- D19892P26YRM -- RP196525YRD



Viola Scale or String Lengths:

  • 4/4 Viola = 390mm = 15 3/8 inches
  • 3/4 Viola = 375mm = 14¾ inches
  • 1/2 Viola = 355mm = 14 inches
  • 1/4 Viola = 330mm = 13 inches
  • 1/8 Viola = 310mm = 12¼ inches
  • 1/16 Viola = 285mm = 11¼ inches

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For Contact Mob-- +919219725350, +91929045997470


Email –