Racket Gut String

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Racket Gut String

Natural gut strings are made of cows' gut in a complex process. Their main features are superb elasticity, tension stability and "liveliness". But they are very expensive and sensitive to weather, while one has to say that a lot of improvement has been made in this respect during the past few years. many of the pros play natural gut, since these strings absorb excess pressure hence less pressure transfer to the hand and reduce chances of sports inuries.


Tennis Gut String

Our company has carved a niche as one of the most prominent natural gut tennis string exporters from India. The natural gut string has a special polythene weather proof coating that protects the gut from unfavorable climatic conditions. Besides this, the tennis gut string is widely demanded in the market due to its various characteristic features like power, feel, control, comfort and higher performance life. As these strings are used in tennis and squash rackets, the players are quite comfort...

Badminton Gut strings

Natural gut, string made from animal intestines, is the perfect string for Baminton players. They have the best feel among all strings and also provide good power. A fresh set of gut string can outrank any other string. They are helpful in limiting injuries like injury elbow. Gut string maintain the high level performance all through the lifetime. Natural gut is the finest string in the world and is used by many elite players. There isn't a Badminton player that wouldn't be delighted to pull a s...